QQI courses have a national standard and recognition.  They are generally more adult friendly as most assessment is by assignment rather than examination.

Computer Applications

The aim is to get a general understanding and practical experience ofDatabases, Spreadsheets and Computer Graphics.  Databases are used to store large amounts of data in a structured manner.  The module includes setting up simple databases, sorting data and searching for specific information.  Spreadsheets are used to perform calculations using formulae but are also about making columns of figures appear neat, aligned properly, etc.  In the graphics section, drawing tools are used to construct pictures from shape - requires little artistic flare.  

English as a Second Language

This module aims to enable students to develop knowledge, skills and competence to communicate effectively through the English language in personal, social and work-related situations. The learner will be encouraged to practice his/her reading and writing skills, sustain conversations with others and learn about some of the key features of Irish society and culture.

Work Experience

This programme module aims to provide the learner with the personal knowledge and skills to participate in a suitable work placement under supervision and to create an awareness of factors affecting different types of work placement opportunities in the locality.   Some of the topics include employer and employee rights and responsibilities, identification of learner skills and attributes, prepare, plan and complete work experience placement.

Everyday Science

This module is suitable for learners with little or no scientific background, who wish to gain an understanding of how science applies to everyday life.  It is a very practical module with the minimum of theory.  It consists of three units: air, water and energy.

Functional Maths

This core module should provide the learner with the skills to better understand day-to-day mathematical calculations.  The mathematical techniques should be in the context of real life situations: financial problems such as percentages, bills, taxes, currency conversions & interest calculations and using algebra to represent simple common problems.  Learners will be expected to use calculators routinely as an aid to solving real problems.  Basic arithmetic would be very beneficial.

Health Related Fitness

The aim of the module is to provide the learners with skills and knowledge to enable them to integrate healthy lifestyle patterns with their own lives.  It involves a limited amount of theoretical understanding of human biology specifically related to physical activity.  Learners take part in a fun way in a range of physical activities.  The module also involves examination of lifestyle choice i.e. diet, substance abuse, level of exercise.


This module enables the learner to develop an understanding of the design process. It also encourages a visual awareness and appreciation of design in society in a historical and cultural context. The learner can develop the skills and language to use with a range of different media, materials, technologies and processes appropriate to specific design areas and then communicate these skills within their own artwork.


This module is designed to equip the learners with the knowledge, skills and competence to work as an effective member of a team, on their own initiative while under general direction and within a range of diverse team-orientated environments.



“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela

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