“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela

Bells, books and bother

 Back to school, was I mad?

I asked myself on that first day

Books! Bells! and Bother

Had my senses gone astray?

I asked myself on that first day


Days turned fast into weeks

Then I lost count of the seasons

Those first questions vanished

And I soon knew the reasons

Why I was in VTOS


I wanted to be David of Old

To use the VTOS sling

To slay the elusive Leaving Cert

To laugh, to learn, to sing

To dip in the Bible of Knowledge


I got more than I bargained for

Books, Bells, and Bother, definitely yes

But horses, Doolin, pottery wheels

Debates, lectures, thrills no less

VTOS was a pure success


A last thought now it ends

The most outstanding of the lot

Of all the VTOS attributes

Must be the friends I got

There are no Islands in VTOS


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